3 aspects of wellness: physical, mental and spiritual health will impact our personal and professional life through productivity, relationship and self-love. Taking the time to take care of yourself should be the top priority to live a fulfilling life. Takes some time to rest and enjoy the surrounding of this fast-paced world; to help Revive Your Inner Jiva.

Feeling the serenity allows oneself to decompress from the strains of a hectic daily schedule. Relax in the natural rhythms, aromas and energy of the surroundings, to rest and revitalize in this natural paradise.

Spending time with family allows one to relax and feel comfortable with the companion of their loved one. Not only to create meaningful memories but also to feel peace, joy and reduce stress.

Physical activity and exercise can help improve health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day allows you to enjoy these benefits and improve the quality of life.

Relax With Us

Novus Jiva is not only a place for you to have a vacation but also allows you to find balance for the sake of your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


Massage is best known as a way to help you relax, reduce stress and relieve muscle aches. Spend quality time relaxing with a wonderful spa treatment at Daiva Spa to refresh body and soul.


Our gym offers an array of equipment to help achieve your daily workout. A simple exercise a day can keep the body in shape and make sleep better. Visit The Gym to keep you fit and healthy.

Serai Restaurant

A family dinner allows you to create a bond together, offers physical and emotional benefits to all family members. Serai provides family-style meals for your family to enjoy this wonderful bonding time.

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