A dining experience is like taking you on a journey of deliciousness, from great food to amazing services. Locally sourced and fresh ingredients are the main key features of making a great dish. Along with a warm and friendly service accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, can bring you to a different part of the world.

A well aesthetically places with natural scenery can make you feel like you are in a different place. Creating the right ambiance and atmosphere to make the dining experience more memorable. Especially where the food goes hand in hand with the atmosphere can make the dining experience more delicious and memorable.

The ingredient is important for the chef is to be able to bring out the best in the dish. Locally sourced and fresh are what bring out the flavors that the dishes are intended to have. Delivering their dishes to you exactly how the chef wants it to taste.

Warm and friendly services can go a long way to make you enjoy your time at the restaurant. Services that are attentive, and give attention to the guest are often become the most memorable experience for them; the reason they leave the restaurant with a smile.


Enjoy the lively ambiance of the open-air restaurant and bar, which serves up an enticing array of cuisine. Savor dishes that are prepared specially by our Chef and signature dining experiences that include beachfront barbecues and candlelit dinners under the stars.


Serai derives from the ingredient “Lemongrass” meaning fresh, aromatic and flavourful. Serving a wide variety of cuisine, from the hearty Indonesian dishes to the Unique western dishes; Serai serves all different taste buds.


Laid-back and cozy venue, featuring a combination of comfort light meals, hearty quick-eats, and exquisite drinks. Enjoy and blend in with the ocean breeze and natural surroundings.


Designed with the concept of an open terrace sitting area to capture the 360-degree views of the mountain and ocean. Situated on the hotel's Rooftop, it's a great spot to catch the sunset while enjoying a refreshing drink and finger food.

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