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A wedding isn't just a ceremony of 2 people getting in marriage, but it is a celebration of happiness and eternal love. It is a special day that marks a milestone in a couple's life, an event that you will always want to remember for years and years to come. It is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Weddings ceremonies are private affairs held with their family and friends. It is a ceremony that forms the bond of a newlywed couple. These marriages are to be protected within the family. Our THE SEASHELL is built in that mind where it protects the gem inside – the marriage.

A dream wedding can be magical and fantastical to celebrate that one day in our lives, but it doesn’t have to be a dream. The wedding venue is important to be able to make your wedding day more magical. Having mount Krakatao and the sunset in the background of your wedding is something that everyone can capture.

A wedding can be tiring to handle by ourselves, which is why lots of couples tend to hire a professional wedding organizer to help orchestrate their dream wedding. Here at Novus Jiva, we will grant you a hassle-free execution on your wedding day, so no imperfections on your perfect wedding day.

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Nestled in Anyer - only a 2-hour drive from Jakarta - Novus Jiva provides a breathtaking view of surrounding mountains overlooking the Java Sea. Our stunning venue and dedicated team will turn your dream destination wedding into reality. The resort's harmonious ambiance inspires a fairy tale setting.

Whether it is for an intimate exchange of vows, an exquisite ceremony, or a beautiful reception, we will guarantee your dream wedding with a dedicated team who work behind the scenes, everything will exceed expectations on the big day at Novus Jiva Anyer.

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