The reminiscences of family togetherness will stay with us forever and bring a sense of joy and gratitude. Allowing one to cherish the beautiful moments and strengthen the bond with the family.

Kids Growth

Parents are the frontline public health workers–they nurture and support, supervise and teach healthy habits for the kids. Parents' role will make a child feel safe and supported, and help the emotional growth and maintain kids’ development.

Create Memories

Memories are powerful family possessions that profoundly link hearts together. Memory isn’t a memory if you don’t talk about it, look at pictures of it, and laugh about it. Cherish all the precious moments and live in the moment.


The stronger you and your partner are together in your thoughts, the stronger you'll feel as a couple. The memories you create together will then ensure that you both are a part of each other's thoughts and dreams as you recall the memories that you have created.


Novus Giri provides plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy, from Rabbit Village to let the kids play with the bunnies to our Kids Club to support fine motor skill development. Designed activities for the whole family to enjoy and have a great family time.

Kids Club

Let the little ones enjoy a fun time with us. Our Kids Club is filled with plenty of toys and fun activities to enjoy.

Game Room

Enjoy games of Pingpong and traditional games to enhance your fun activities while having a family getaway at Novus Giri.

Rabbit Village

Take your kids to visit our Rabbit Village and feed the bunnies among the natural scenery and mountain breeze. Our fluffy bunnies are ready to play with your little one.

Check our facilities for more Family Fun.