Novus Jiva Villa Resort & Spa is located in the center of Anyer which is only 2, 5 hours from the capital city of Indonesia. Presenting the perfect combination of classy modern comfort and luxury with ethnic design style, makes Novus Jiva the right choice for a weekend getaway. Facing westward to a spectacular sunset ocean view and surrounding mountains, Novus Jiva is only 2.5 hours from busy Jakarta and perfectly located for holiday gateway and peaceful serenity.

travel tips

If your destination is the Anyer beaches, take the exit for Cilegon Barat for a shorter trip, but if you want to visit Carita, take the exit for Serang Timur.
West side faces the Sunda strait ocean
East side surrounded by hills
± 5 km from Karang Bolong (± 7 min)
± 20 km from Lighthouse (± 25 min)
± 125 km from Jakarta (± 2.5 hours)
± 145 km from airport (± 3 hours)
± 40 km from Cilegon industrial park
3 access-route options


Novus Jiva Villa Resort & Spa
Jalan Raya Anyer-Sirih Pasauran, Cinangka, Serang, Banten, 42167 Anyer, Indonesia
PH. +62 254 6530 888 / +62 254 6530 653

Novus Jiva Jakarta Sales Office
PH. +62 21 532 3672
F. +62 21 532 3675
Operational Hours : Mon to Fri
09.00 – 17.00 WIB

From Jakarta take exit on Outer Ring Road

From Jakarta exit the east Cilegon toll road. Then take a straight ring road to anyer carita. Only 2 km after Karang Bolong Beach, Anyer, located on Pasauran Anyer Beach, Cinangka. From Jakarta, take the output

From Jakarta take exit on Inner Ring Road

From Jakarta exit the inner ring road toll Cilegon west to Anyer-Carita beach. Only 2 km after the Karang Bolong beach, Anyer, located on Pasauran Anyer beach, Cinangka.

From Jakarta take exit on Tol Serang Timur

From Jakarta exit the East Serang toll road, towards Pandeglang. The direction of Labuan over the Carita beach. Towards coral bolong beach, Anyer, located on pasauran beach, Anyer, Cinangka.


Early check in at 10 AM
Late check out at 4 PM
10% discount on F&B
10% discount on Spa